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Chevening Scholarships 2023/2024 Applications For International Students| British Chevening Scholarships 2023/2024 Applications

Chevening Scholarships 2023/2024 Applications For International Students

Chevening scholarships 2023/2024 applications are going to open very soon for the international students who want to study in UK. Chevening scholarships 2023/2024 is a scholarship program of UK government which is funded by the foreign and commonwealth office and their partner organizations. This scholarship is awarded to the talented and outstanding students with the leadership skills to study in UK.

Students from different countries can apply for this scholarship program who are motivated and encourage to change the world. Chevening scholarships program 2023-2024 provide numbers of benefits to the students who got selected for this scholarship program student not only get the chance to study at best education institutions in UK but also got their tuition fee fully funded.

Scholarship Overview:

·         Scholarship hosting country: UK.

·         Scholarship type: Fully funded.

·         Duration of scholarship: Chevening scholarships is offered for the time period of 12 months.

·         Applications date: 2 August 2022.

·         Degree program: For postgraduate degree program (MS).

Who Can Apply For Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024?

Students from more than 150 countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. Chevening scholarships is offered to the talented and hardworking students who have vision and have potential skills to become the future leaders. Students applying for this scholarship program should have interpersonal and intellectual chacteritstics that are necessary for the leadership skill.

What Is The Duration Of Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024?

A chevening scholarships program is provided to the student for the time period of 12 months but if some course duration is less than 12 months then the scholarship might end earlier.

Is IELTS is required for Chevening scholarship 2023-2024?

No IELST is not mandatory to apply for the chevening scholarships 2023-2024. However the university which you have chosen or the degree program which you have chosen for this scholarship might require you to submit the IELTS score.

Benefits Of Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024:

Chevening scholarships provide numbers of benefits to the students who got selected for this scholarship. A chevening scholarships provide following benefits:

·         Student university tuition fee is covered.

·         Student are given monthly stipend.

·         Student travel cost from home country to UK and then UK to home country after degree completion is also covered.

·         Student will also get the arrival allowance once they arrived in UK.

·         Cost of visa application is also provided for one time.

·         Student will also get the travel grant to attend the chevening events organized in UK.

Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

Student applying for chevening scholarships have to make sure that they meet the following eligibility criteria to be eligible for this scholarship:

·         Applicant applying for this scholarship should be from chevening eligible country list.

·         Have completed the undergraduate degree program for graduate degree program.

·         Applicant must have two years of work experience to apply for this schoalrship.

·         Student can apply to three different mentioned university course and have to receive one unconditional offer by the university till the mentioned date.

·         Applicant should not be receiving any other scholarship award during the chevening scholarship award.

·         Students have to return their home country after completion of their degree program under this scholarship for two years.

Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024 Ineligibility Criteria:

Students are not eligible for this scholarship if:

·         They hold a British or dual British citizenship when applying.

·         They are from non-chevening eligible country list and hold the refugee status.

·         The student has previously studied in UK under government funded UK scholarships.

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Referees For Chevening Scholarships:

Students have to submit the name of two referees who will recommend them during their application procedure. The referees give recommendation for students to support their application process. Students can choose their referees and have to make sure that they are the ones who know them well and give comments on student’s abilities for their recommendation for this scholarship program.

Applicant have to obtain the references from their referees and submit them in the chevening application section on behalf of their referees.

Work Experience For Application Submission:

Before submitting your application for the chevening scholarships students have to make sure that they meet the minimum work experience requirement for the scholarship to be eligible. Applicant applying for the chevening scholarships must have at least work experience of two years. The type of work experience that are eligible and can be submitted by the students:

·         Full time employment work experience.

·         Part time employment work experience.

·         Student have done any voluntary work.

·         Student have completed any paid internships.

·         Student have completed any unpaid internships.

Student should have completed the work experience of such type before their undergraduate studies, during or after completing their undergraduate degree program.

Note: students who do not have work experience at the time of application such students are not able to submit their application for this scholarship program.

Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024 Courses List:

Student applying for this scholarship have to choose the course that is full time and:

·         It start in autumn term means in September or October.

·         Courses that are for masters.

·         Provide master degree.

·         Courses offered in UK.

·         The course you choose should not be part time.

·         Chosen course should not be based on distance learning.

·         The duration of course should not be more than 12 months.

·         Courses cannot be for PHD or DPHIL degree program.

Documents Required For Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024:

Chevening scholarships is a great chance for the students to study in UK so make sure you submit the correct list of documents required for this scholarship so that your application will be considered. Students have to submit the following list of documents if they are applying for chevening scholarships:

·         Applicants applying for scholarship have to submit their academic documents.

·         Applicants have to submit their references for this scholarship.

·         One unconditional UK university offer is required by the applicants that is to be submitted by the last date so that they get selected for this scholarship program.

·         Work experience documents showing your 2 years of work experience is also required.

Note: Student might get selected for the chevening scholarships on conditional basis so student has to make sure to submit the required documents by the given time to remain in the selection procedure.

Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024 Selection Procedure:

The selection procedure of the chevening scholarship for the applicant takes a minimum of eight months from the time of applications date to when the applicant got selected for this scholarship program.

The selection committee will review the each applicant application and then shortlist the applicant based on their scores, skills and profile they hold. Once the student apply for chevening scholarships in application system student will get the updates in the form of email regarding their application progress.

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Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024 Applications Timeline:

The important applications timeline is as follow:

·         The chevening scholarships applications will open on 2 August 2022.

·         The chevening scholarships applications deadline is 1 November 2022.

·         Submitted applications are matched for eligibility criteria on 2 November 2022.

·         The selection committee will review all the eligible applications from the mid of November to December 2022.

·         In early February to mid-February 2023 based on the applicant eligibility criteria and their profile applicants are shortlisted for interview that will take place.

·         From February to late April 2023 applicant who got shortlisted have to submit the required education documents and their references.

·         From 27 February to 28 April 2023 the interview will take place for the candidates who are shortlisted earlier.

·         From June 2023 onward the finally selected candidates result will be informed to the applicants about their selection for this scholarship program.

·         In July 2023 student have to submit the one unconditional UK university offer by the deadline.

·         In September/October 2023 chevening scholars will start their study program in UK.

Note: Each year large number of students from different countries apply for this scholarship program so due to large number of applications received individual applicant feedback and unsuccessful applicant feedback is not possible.

Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024 Applications Deadline:

The applications for the chevening scholarships 2023-2024 will be opened from 2 August 2022 for the students to apply for this scholarship program. The deadline or the last date to apply for the chevening scholarship applications 2023-2024 is 1 November 2022. So make sure you apply for this scholarship program by the last date so that your application will be considered for the selection procedure.

How To Apply For Chevening Scholarships 2023-2024:

To apply and get more information about chevening scholarships 2023-2024 applications visit the official website here.