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GKS Scholarship 2023 Interview Questions for International Students | GKS Scholarship Embassy/University Track Interview Questions

GKS Scholarship 2023 Embassy/University Track Interview Questions for International Students

GKS scholarship 2023 interview is the main area where the students might get confused because they might don’t have any experience about what actually will be asked in scholarship interview process. GKS scholarship is one of the most prestigious and competitive scholarship in the world offered by the Korean government to the international students. GKS scholarship provide opportunity to the international students from all over the world to continue their higher studies from South Korea in the form of undergraduate, graduate, PHD and research program.

GKS scholarship each year select only a specified number of applicants under this scholarship program. Its mean the competition for the GKS scholarship is very high you have to hold a good student profile to be selected under this scholarship program.

One of the most important part of the GKS scholarship is the interview process. Many of the students get confused about how they can pass the GKS scholarship interview process. Some students don’t have any idea about how the scholarship interview process is done. Apart from that student also have a confusion about what will be asked and what we have to say in response of what is asked.

GKS Scholarship Interview Tips and Guidelines:

Following are some of the GKS scholarship interview questions guidelines that can help you in the interview process:

·         It’s better to prepare yourself well before attending your interview.

·         Make sure to be punctual.

·         Your dressing should be formal as you are attending the interview.

·         Be natural during interview because the more natural you are the more it look good.

·         Your answer should be clear and brief and to the point.

·         Don’t involve any ambiguity in your interview it should be clear.

·         You have to be confident but not too much to become over confident.

GKS Scholarship Interview Questions for Fresh International Students:

Each year number of new students apply for the GKS scholarship and they don’t know what they will be asked in the GKS scholarship interview questions and how to answer them. These scholarship interview questions are just for the information to make your better understanding about the interview process. The questions that will be asked in the GKS scholarship interview might be different.  

GKS interview questions are divide into different sections so following are some of the preparation interview questions regarding the GKS scholarship:

1) Questions Related To Yourself:

1.       One of the most important question is introduce yourself.

2.       Tell about your academic background.

3.       Do you have any work experience if yes explain it briefly?

4.       Why we select you for this scholarship apart from other candidates?

5.       Have you achieve something in the past or your any past achievement?

6.       What is your strength and what is your weakness?

2) Questions Related To GKS/KGSP Scholarship:

1.       There are many scholarships offer all over the world why you choose GKS scholarship?

2.       If you don’t get selected for GKS scholarship then would you apply again?

3.       If you are granted this scholarship how you can help build strong relationship between your country and Korea?

3) Questions Related To Korea:

1.       Why you choose Korea for your study?

2.       What is your study plan in Korea?

3.       Have you ever visited Korea before?

4.       Do you know about Korean culture if yes what?

5.       Do you know Korean language to communicate with other?

6.       Which things you like and dislike about Korea?

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4) Questions Related To Your Study In Korea:

1.       Why you have chosen that specific university for your study?

2.       Why you have chosen that specific study program major?

3.       What are your future goals after completing your degree program?

4.       Will you further continue to study in Korea?

5.       Will you return to your home country after degree completion?


There is no exact answer to the mentioned above questions because each student will answer it differently to what they know and how well they know. So it’s better you should prepare better for the interview and try to practice as much questions as you can related to what explained above. These are the random questions that you might get asked. There might be many other interview questions that you might get asked so make sure you prepare very well before the start of interview.

For more information regarding GKS scholarship 2023 application form and deadline visit here.