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Terms and Conditions

Here is the list of some terms and conditions if you want to use of our website:

1.       All information related to opportunities are verified and taken from official source.

2.       The content is easy to read by user and is unique.

3.       If you want to share the official source of opportunity you can.

4.       In case you didn’t get any scholarship or opportunity we are not responsible for that.

5.       Read terms and conditions from time to time to notify for any change.

6.       Don’t use harmful comments for the community.

7.       Be kind and helping to others.

8.       All the opportunities shared with you will be taken from the official source of information.

9.       In case of opportunity official source you may get redirected to that site.

10.   You can get more information about us in the about us section.

All the opportunities contents published on is the copyrighted content of what scholarship. We do not authorize any website to use this content without credit. In the case of copying content/infringement, we reserve all the rights to pursue legal action.