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ISTernship Summer Program 2024 Austria Applications | Austria Summer ISTernship Program 2024 Applications


ISTernship Summer Program 2024 Austria Applications

The applications for the ISTernship summer internship program in Austria have been announced for the students. Do you want to gain the experience of a summer internship program and do you want to apply for a summer internship program then we are going to talk about such an internship program. The applications for which have been announced for the students and this internship program is for the students of bachelor and master's programs to provide research experience to the students within this internship program.

Students interested in expanding their research and gaining experience in different field program can apply. Students who are from different interdisciplinary areas are encouraged to apply. Applicants who are graduates of a bachelor's or master's degree program are eligible to apply, and applications are open for this summer internship program.

Students who apply within this internship program they get a chance to carry out their research work in different labs related to research, and students get a chance to work in short research projects.

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Overview Of The Austria ISTernship Summer Program 2024:

·         Internship host country: Austria.

·         Internship host university: Institute Of Science And Technology Austria.

·         Internship Type: Provides different benefits.

·         Internship duration: 2-3 months.

·         Qualification required: Bachelor or master’s program students.

What Are The Benefits Of Austria ISTernship Summer Program 2024?

If it is discussed that the students who want to apply in this internship program, then what benefits are provided to them? So they are provided with the following benefits:

·         Health insurance support is provided.

·         Monthly compensation.

·         On-campus accommodation is provided.

·         Shuttle bus free access is provided.

·         Travel cost allowance is provided.

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Eligibility Requirement Of The ISTernship Summer Program 2024:

If we talk about what is the eligibility criteria of this internship program, then the applicants who want to apply for this internship program:

·         Enrolled in a bachelor program or master of science program.

·         Those students who have completed at least four semesters of their bachelor's studies.

·     Have graduated from a bachelor's or master's degree program within a year from the program commencing time.

·         The applicants are not eligible if graduated before 15th of May 2023.

·         Those students are not eligible who are enrolled or accepted in the PhD program.

·         Students who are applicants for this internship program can apply for ISTA PhD program.

·         Such students if they are selected and they are invited for interview for PhD program, then those are not be eligible for this internship program.

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Documents Required For ISTernship Summer Program 2024:

So what documents will be required from you if you want to apply for this internship program then the students who want to apply must ensure that they submit the following documents:

·         Internship program application.

·         Academic transcript.

·         Applicants must also submit the contact information of one or two referees.

·         Statement of purpose.

·         Submit CV or resume.

·         University graduation certificate or diploma.

Study Fields Available For The ISTernship Summer Program 2024:

Those students who wants to pursue their research work in the following field’s areas can apply:

·         Chemistry and materials.

·         Computer science.

·         Data science.

·         Interdisciplinary areas.

·         Mathematics.

·         Neuroscience.

·         Physics.

·         Scientific computing.

What Is The Duration Of ISTernship Summer Program 2024 In Austria?

The duration of this internship program is from May 15 to September 15 for 2-3 months. The exact duration is decided by the supervisor of the applicant.

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How To Apply For The ISTernship Summer Internship Program 2024 In Austria?

The students who wants to apply for this internship program then how they have to apply means what is the application process of submitting their application within this internship program. So those students who wants to apply for this internship program:

·         Submit the application for the internship program on application portal.

·         Students who will submit their application must ensure that they mention one to three of their professors with whom they wish to work.

·         There are different research topics available for internships.

·         The students who are selected will work on research project with professors.

·    Internships are full-time and are in-person and English language is the medium of instruction for the internship program.

What Is The ISTernship Summer Internship Program 2024 Applications Deadline?

Students who wish to apply for this Internship program must ensure that they submit their application within the given time frame of the applications deadline that is 15th February 2024, so students have to submit their application and students also have to submit their reference letters within the same applications deadline.

Where To Apply For ISTernship Summer Program 2024 Applications?

To apply and know more information about the ISTernship summer program 2024 you can visit the official link here.