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Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 Applications | British Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 In UK


Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 Applications

Chevening scholarship program 2024-2025 is a fully funded scholarship program for the international students through which international students get the chance to study their higher degree program from UK. British chevening scholarship 2024-2025 is a UK government scholarship program designed for the international students.

For the chevening scholarship program 2024-2025 international students of different nationality and from different countries can apply. With British chevening scholarship program students get the chance to study their fully funded masters course program from UK universities. Under chevening scholarship program international students are offered with number of scholarship benefits for the duration of their degree program.

Overview of Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025:

·         Scholarship hosting country: UK.

·         Scholarship program type: Fully funded scholarship.

·         Degree program to apply for: Masters degree program.

·         Who can apply for the scholarship program: International applicants.

Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 Eligibility Criteria:

As number of international students apply for the British chevening scholarship program each year so to be eligible for the chevening scholarship program and to make sure your application is considered for the scholarship program you have to meet the following eligibility requirements:

1.       Students who have completed their undergraduate degree program.

2.       Students must have work experience of at least 2 years.

3.       Students from the chevening eligible countries can apply.

4.       Students can apply to three different UK university courses.

5.       Students must obtained unconditional offer from one of the three chosen courses.

6.   Students have to return their home country for at least two years once the scholarship program is completed.

7.   Students having masters degree can still apply for the chevening scholarship for second masters degree program.

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Chevening Scholarship Ineligibility Criteria:

Given below are some of the ineligibility conditions if students meet these conditions they are not eligible for the chevening scholarship program:

·         Those who previously studied in UK under scholarship funded by UK government.

·         Those who hold dual british or british citizenship.

·         Those who hold the nationality of non chevening eligible countries.

Note: Students who want to apply for the chevening scholarship 2024-2025 have to make sure that they meet the scholarship eligibility criteria as the ineligible scholarship applications will not be considered.

Benefits Of Chevening Scholarship Program 2024-2025:

British chevening scholarship program is a fully funded scholarship program provided by the UK government. The scholarship program provides the following benefits to the students who got selected for this scholarship program:

·         Students will get monthly stipend.

·         The coverage for university tuition fee.

·         Arriving allowance will be provided to the students.

·         Students will be provided with one time visa application cost.

·         The coverage for travel expense from home country to UK and from UK to home country.

·         Departure allowance will be provided as well.

·         Students will get grant for attending chevening events in UK.

Documents Required For Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025:

Following are the list of some documents that are required at the time of applications and that are required to be submitted by the students when they are applying for the chevening scholarship program:

1.       Previous degree program graduation certificate.

2.       Transcript of previous degree program.

3.       Students have to submit two reference letters as well.

4.       One unconditional offer letter from UK university.

5.       Students short biography.

6.       ID or passport is required for the interview.

7.       English language proficiency certificate if required.

Note: Apart from the documents mentioned above students might have to submit some other documents as well which are required to make your scholarship application complete.

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How To Choose University Courses For Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025:

Those students who want to apply for the british chevening scholarship program have to choose three different masters degree program courses. Students have to choose these courses wisely so given below are the guidelines for choosing the courses:

1.       Student can choose three different masters courses from the same university.

2.       Can choose same three courses from three different universities.

3.       The chosen courses must be full time courses.

4.       The courses must not be research based instead they have to be taught masters.

5.       Courses which are based in UK.

6.       Courses that start in September/October autumn term.

7.       The duration of course cannot be less than 9 months or more than 12 months.

8.       The chosen course cannot be the one that is taught more than one month outside the UK.

9.       The course cannot be based on distance learning.

10.   The chosen course must lead to qualification of masters program degree.

11.   Student cannot choose part time courses.

12.   Courses cannot be for the PhD or DPhil.

Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 Work Experience Requirement:

International students applying for the british chevening scholarship program have to make sure that they meet the minimum work experience requirement. Those students who do not have the minimum work experience such students will not be able to submit their scholarship application. So to apply for the chevening scholarship program 2024-2025 students have to meet the work experience requirement. Mentioned below are the types of work experiences that are eligible:

1.       Unpaid or paid internship programs experience.

2.       Full time job experience.

3.       Part time job experience.

4.       Any voluntary work experience.


·       The work experience can be gained before, during or after completing the undergraduate degree program.

·       The minimum hours that are accepted for the chevening scholarship work experience are 2800 hours which is the minimum two years work experience.

British Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 Application And Selection Process:

Applicants applications and selection procedure for the british chevening scholarship program is as follow:

·         Chevening scholarship applications are announced for the students to apply.

·         Students applications are evaluated on the basis of eligibility criteria.

·         All eligible applications are assessed for the further evaluation.

·         Applicants will be shortlisted for the interview.

·         Students have to submit their educational documents and two references.

·         Interview will be held for the shortlisted applicants.

·         Results is announced for the selected applicants.

·         Students have to submit at least one unconditional offer from UK university.

·         Students can then start their study in the UK in autumn term.

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British Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 Applications Deadline:

The applications for the british chevening scholarship program are announced each year for the international students from the chevening eligible countries. The applications for the chevening scholarship program 2024-2025 will be announced in August 2023 and will be accepted till early November 2023. The last date to apply for the chevening scholarship 2024-2025 is around early November 2023. So those students who want to apply for the british chevening scholarship program have to make sure that they submit their scholarship application by the announced deadline.

How To Apply For The British Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025:

The applications for the chevening scholarship program are accepted online means those international students who want to apply for the chevening scholarship program have to submit their complete scholarship application at chevening application portal.

Where To Apply For The Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025:

To apply and know more information about the chevening scholarship program you can visit the official link here.