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Mitacs Global Summer research Internship in Canada 2023 | Mitacs Global Research Internship in Canada 2023 | Globalink Research Internship 2023 in Canada


Mitacs Global Summer research Internship in Canada 2023 | Mitacs Global Research Internship in Canada 2023 | Globalink Research Internship 2023 in Canada

The call for applications of Mitacs global summer research internship in Canada 2023 are now open. Mitacs global summer research internship program is hosted by Canada for the research students to showcase their talent in the research field. The mitacs globalink research internship program is a great opportunity for the international undergraduate students to pursue their research in the desired field of study. Each year mitacs global summer internship program is organized for the top applicants from the mentioned countries take part in the 12 week long research internship that is supervised by the faculty members of Canadian university.

Mitacs global summer internship 2023 is a fully funded summer internship program in Canada for international applicants to spend their summer in Canada by performing their research in the desired area of study. Mitacs internship in Canada 2023 is a fully covered program means all your expense will be covered. More than 70 universities from all over the Canada participate in this internship program to provide opportunity to the talented and top applicants to do their research work.

Which Academic Field Is Available In This Research Internship Program?

As mitacs summer internship 2023 invites international applicants from different countries so there are number of academic field and areas are available in this internship program including:

·         Humanities and Social sciences.

·         Mathematics.

·         Engineering fields.

·         Science fields.

Who Can Apply For The Mitacs Summer Internship 2023 Program In Canada?

If you are a student of undergraduate degree program then you are ready to apply for this research internship program in Canada 2023. Female and male both the applicants can apply for this internship program.

Is IELTS Or TOEFL Required For Mitacs Summer Internship 2023?

No IELTS or TOEFL is not required for this internship program means these test scores are not mandatory to apply for this internship program. But if any applicant have such language proficiency test scores then it will be beneficial for him or her.

What Is The Duration Of Mitacs Summer Internship Program 2023?

The duration of this internship program is 12 weeks means you will be doing your research internship in Canada for 12 weeks. As it’s a summer internship program so you will be spending your summer in Canada for this internship. Each year this internship program run from May to October.

Which Country Students Can Apply For This Summer Internship Program In Canada?

International applicants from the following countries and regions can apply for this internship program:

·         Germany

·         Hong Kong

·         Taiwan

·         Tunisia

·         Ukraine

·         India

·         Mexico

·         South Korea

·         United Kingdom

·         United States

·         Australia

·         Brazil

·         Chile

·         China

·         Colombia

·         France

Mitacs Global Summer Internship 2023 in Canada Overview:

·         Last date to apply: 8th June 2022.

·         Internship type: Fully Funded.

·         Hosting Country: Canada.

·         Internship For: International undergraduates.

Ultimate Objective of This Internship Program:

The objective of the Globalink Research Internship is to build a bridge between Canada and emerging international research talent. Globalink Research Internships are open to all disciplines.

Benefits of Mitacs Globalink Summer Research Internship:

As explained earlier mitacs globalink research internship 2023 is a fully funded research internship program in Canada for international undergraduates. This internship program provides following benefits to the selected successful candidates:

·         Applicant health insurance.

·         Housing stipends.

·         Round-trip ticket.

·         Facility of transportation form Canada airport to accommodation.

·         Student enrollment stipend fee maximum of $300.

·         Stipend for food.

·         Professional development courses registration.

·         Certificate of internship completion.

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Eligibility Criteria for Mitacs Globalink Summer Internship 2023:

1.       Applicant must have official transcript issued by the university in which they are enrolled.

2.       Letter of recommendation are required from the supervisor or professor who supervise you.

3.       You must be 18 year of age to apply for this internship program.

4.       Applicants applying for this internship program must hold a valid passport during the period of this internship program.

5.       Only participant from the mentioned countries or region can apply.

6.       Must be enrolled student of undergraduate program.

7.       Applicant have to submit a strong CV which should explain in detail the level of expertise the applicant hold and the work experience of the applicant.

8.       You can apply for the maximum of seven projects and make sure you got selected in three Canadian provinces.

Last Date to Apply For the Mitacs Summer Internship 2023:

The last date to apply for mitacs globalink summer internship program 2023 in Canada is June 8th 2022. So make sure you have enough time to get all the necessary documents and apply for this internship program in Canada.

Mitacs Globalink Summer Internship Application Procedure:

Applying for mitacs globalink summer internship program involve an application procedure. The application procedure to apply for this internship program is as follow:

1.       From April to June 2022 the applications for faculty gets opened. Faculty have to submit their research papers to the mitacs.

2.       From July to august 2022 applications submitted by the faculty for the research projects are get reviewed. Projects get reviewed by the mitacs itself and final decision regarding the faculty project is communicated to the professors. All the research projects which are approved by the mitacs are made available to the students.

3.       From august to September 2022 the international applicants who are participating in this research internship program have to submit their applications and have to select among the research projects from the online provided database.

4.       In October 2022 student’s applications that are submitted get reviewed. Mitacs have to check the eligibility criteria to ensure which students meet the eligibility criteria and which don’t.

5.       From November 2022 to January 2023 mitacs refer the selected eligible candidate to the professors regarding their research projects. Once the students are referred to the professor now they have to conduct student interview and review their applications. Final result of the interviewed students is announced in February.

6.       From February to April 2023 students who selected after the interview start their work under the supervision of the Canadian professors for pre internship details.

7.       From May to October 2023 the successful globalink research interns will reach in Canada under the mitacs globalink summer research internship program and start working with professors under their supervision for the duration of 12 weeks on their selected research project.

How to Apply:

In order to apply for mitacs globalink summer internship program in Canada 2023 visit the link here.